Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Failed Leadership

H/T Jerome Armstrong. Here's hoping the 111th Congress ousts Pelosi and Boehner... at least with Boehner it's a somewhat realistic hope. Five virtual fist bumps and two high fives to the first commenter that can tell me who the guy screaming "WRONG" is and who he's parodying.


Leonardo Ricardo said...

Boehner, I thought he seemed "disturbed"...arrogant to the max, but resentful, deceitful and unkind (posing as no-nonsense)...not qualities I like seeing in any House Majority leader or even a everyday acquaintance...very creepy and somehow dangerous.

Cany said...

Hold on here... whoa!

Here are the numbers:

dems for:
pubs for:

GOP NEVER had the vote, even though they whined that her talk made them walk away. Bull. They never had the vote.

228 House members – 133 Republicans and 95 Democrats – voted to derail the plan, which failed by 12 votes, 204-228.

2/3 of dems voted pro. approx 1/3 of pubs voted pro.

At least give the devil his do.

I didn't support the bailout, and still don't... and for good reason.

There is NO pay limit for CEOs, BODs. For instance, a CEO could easily get $1million/month to continue in the position. No. No. No.

There is a way to do this right, if we really need to, and a way to do it wrong.

The last attempt (and, BTW, the next) are wrong.