Friday, August 22, 2008

Boomlets and the Democratic Veepstakes

Earlier this month, I wrote that my prediction for Barack Obama’s Vice Presidential nominee was a toss-up between VA Governor Tim Kaine and DE Senator Joe Biden. Biden was my real prediction, but then this little media boomlet popped up around Kaine, and I didn’t know what to think anymore, so I split my prediction between them both. Little did I know that boomlets for both Biden and IN Senator Evan Bayh were to come, and even a mini-boomlet for MA Senator John Kerry.

Obama and his VP pick will campaign together tomorrow, which means we’ll know the person’s name within 30 hours. Amidst rampant speculation, the Biden boomlet continues to be the conventional wisdom, Kaine is signaling it’s not him, and there never was a boomlet for KS Governor Kathleen Sibelius. All that aside, though, the only thing we really KNOW is that Obama confidant and former GA Senator Sam Nunn will be out of the country. I’m really, really hoping for Joe Biden, and I’m going to go ahead and predict it’s him, although a surprise pick of former SD Senator Tom Daschle or RI Senator Jack Reed wouldn’t surprise me. My own second choice is MT Governor Brian Schweitzer, and while he’s not completely out of the question, I would be shocked (and delighted).

I’m pulling for Biden, and I’m predicting Biden, but I could be wrong; it could still be Bayh or a dark horse. With any luck, we’ll know by tonight, and certainly by tomorrow morning.

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