Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I hate to post three times a day (I have another one coming this evening), but I am just so darn gleeful about this: Ted Stevens indicted on 7 counts. WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! EXXXXXELLENT!

It is always sad when bad people get power or when power turns good people bad. It is disheartening that there are public servants within our government who deserve to be indicted or convicted, especially when one of the servants in question is the nation's third longest-serving senator. Nevertheless, as long as those folks are out there, it is joyful to watch them get theirs. There are few things I enjoy seeing more than corrupt authorities, those who abuse their power, get pulled down off their thrones and told that no, they are not better than the rest of us. I am not partisan about this - power is power and justice justice, and when in New Orleans, I volunteered on the campaign to unseat Democrat Rep. William Jefferson. Now Stevens, who has been under investigation for a long time, also gets his.

This is what happens when one party or one weak person holds total power for too long. The Republican culture of corruption here in DC is a very real thing, and one can only hope that a similar Democratic culture does not develop in the upcoming admininstration and 111th or 112th Congresses.

(We'll just ignore the messy fact that Mr. Stevens is an Episcopalian.)


Christopher said...

I also am slightly happy but realize one should never be happy at another's misfortune. I only hope this situation resolves itself and Senator Stevens (who for whatever reason I have a soft spot for) will get the verdict he deserves based on whatever the facts entail.

Erin said...

haha...i love reading your blog. i get caught up on all the politics! and yes, ill forget the fact that he's episcopalian! xP

Nathan Empsall said...

A public official's misdeeds are our communal misfortunate, and my happiness comes from the fact that that misfortunate is being addressed. This does, of course, assume that he is guilty, and the evidence certainly seems to suggest that he is, but of course I would hope for a fair trial and that if I am wrong, that he will indeed go free.

Nathan Empsall said...

Erin - not so much the politics as the Anglican events these days. Today's post seems to be the exception for once!

Cany said...

I am surprised, given the DOJ's apparent penchance for going after dems, that this has happened.

When I was rather regularly in D.C., we never even bothered to speak to his office. It was useless. His reputation for beholden to corporate interests was common knowledge.

I hate to see bad befall anyone, but sometimes it is in the best interest to, at minimum, get them out of the sphere of public representation.

What will be interesting is how he "remakes" himself, as they all do.

Wanna make a bet he somehow ends up being a corporate rep of some kind? And gee, maybe in the oil industry?

What he may say, in his own defense, may lead to others coming down, as well. Will be an interesting case to follow.

The New Arch Druid's take on the news said...

I heard about this when watching CNN after work yesterday. Stevens, Dr. No when it came to assisting through gvt the unwashed masses and a decided Mr Yes on the bridge to no where.

Nathan Empsall said...

The real Dr. No is Senator Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, an OB-GYN who single-handedly tops dozens of bills every year because he opposes them for various reasons, frustrating about 99 of his 99 colleagues. Although Stevens can be even worse given the vindictive way he backs up his threats. Coburn = obnoxious pillbug, Stevens = corrupt egomaniac.