Thursday, July 10, 2008

Other Episcopal Blogs

So it turns out GAFCON wasn’t all bad. It brought out Bishop N.T. Wright’s liberal side (which quickly disappeared from view once again, but what can you do), dethroned Archbishops Akinola and Orombi, proved there will be no Anglican split, and perhaps best of all, helped me to start a habit I’ve been meaning to develop for quite some time – reading other Episcopal and Anglican blogs.

The Anglican blogosphere is rich and deep. I’ve been thrilled by the insights and reflection I have found across so many webpages. Of course, go figure, as soon as I become a regular reader, the most active community of them, Fr. Jake Stops the World, shuts down after four years. Bleh.

But there are many other wonderful blogs to fill Jake’s void. So far, my favorites are Episcopal CafĂ©’s The Lead, The Three Legged Stool, Preludium, and especially Wounded Bird. I have updated my Episcopal blogroll at right, eliminating some blogs but adding many more. (Reciprocations welcome but not required.) Padre Mickey has posted a list of some of the newer ones, and was kind enough to include yours truly. Also, Thinking Anglicans is great for a daily roundup of Anglican news – GAFCON, CoE women bishops, whatever the top story of the day may be. TA is British and so focuses on British news sources, but that’s just fine because reporters Ruth Glehdill of The Times and Riazat Butt of the Guardian do a far better job than anything the mainstream American media has to offer on religion.

Speaking of my blogroll, you will find that not only are the Episcopal links updated, so is the general format. I have added a list of lists at the top so that the Dartmouth and Idaho blogs won't be quite so buried. Additionally, I have changed "My Best Katrina Posts" to a more generic "The Best of Wayward." I harbor no allusions that anyone will actually want to go back and read my old posts for the sake of reading them, but organizing myself digitally also helps to organize myself mentally, and hey, it is my blog, so I can do what I want. ;)

While I am on the subject of blogs, I would like to ask your prayers for Kiistin, who writes Barefoot and Laughing. I forget how I first came across Kirstin’s blog – or she mine, whatever the order was – but Kristin hails from the Pacific Northwest, remains committed to the cause of restoring the Gulf Coast in Katrina’s wake, and describes herself as “one of God’s wayward brats.” You can see why I find her blog endearing. Unfortunately, Kirstin was recently diagnosed with cancer, and has been undergoing some very rough treatment. Her recent posts make it sound like, aside from the pain, she’s doing and will be ok, but a prayer here and there won’t hurt. God bless you, Kirstin. Get well.

Anyways, I hope to keep up on these various blogs, and perhaps get in the habit of commenting on a few. We’ll see if this new habit lasts – I struggle to even stay stay on top of Huckleberries Online, my source for all things North Idaho – but if I can’t, I certainly hope you will!


Chuck Blanchard said...

Thanks for the kind words about the Episcopal Cafe, as well as the link to my personal blog. I like what I see here as well and have added you to my blog roll as well.

Kirstin said...

Thank you.