Monday, July 07, 2008

The most sacreligious post I will ever make

My rough sense of humor leads me to often, in my boyish ways, tweak, rib, snark at, and generally mock my closest friends. I have also long said that Jesus and I are friends. It is in that spirit that I make this post without fear of divine retribution. I mean, hey, any God that would make platypi must have a sense of humor, right? So without further ado, this from a BBC article entitled "Jesus 'would feel Anglican pain'":
The Archbishop of Canterbury has said Jesus would feel the pain on both sides of the divide in the Church of England over women bishops and gay priests.

The Archbishop's comments were part of a larger and very powerful sermon, the continuation of his week-long emergence as a true leader. I will write more about his new-found courage later, but for now, reading the above passage, all I can think of is Bill Clinton standing by the Sea of Galilee in Christ's robes, feeding the 5,000, proclaiming his trademark to all: "I feel your pain."

Wonder what that means for Monica Mary Magdalene?

Wow, I do hope I'm not going to hell for this one. (/crosses self, hoping Jesus is chuckling, and begs forgiveness if He is not)


James said...

I didn't find it sacreligious at all. :) Woulu mind if I add a link to your blog?

Nathan Empsall said...

Mind? Why, I would love it! Thank you, James! :) And I am certainly planning to mention The Three Legged Stool in a post later today or tomorrow, and will add it to the blogroll.