Friday, June 20, 2008


Oh my God, I love my Presiding Bishop. They say of us Episcopalians that wherever three or four are gathered, there will be a fifth... and my former campus minister used to brew his own beer in the ministry apartment... but to hear it from the PB herself? Simply amazing.

"It’s a time of ferment, which can be enormously positively," Jefferts Schori said [of the Anglican Communion]. "You look at a vat of beer and sometimes it doesn’t smell very good – but there’s a lot of good work going on there, and the product smells better than the process. Something like that’s going on in the Anglican Communion."

(This quote comes from an article about the PB's visit to South Dakota to meet with Native Americans, so I'll definently be blogging about that later. For now, I just had to share the beer quote.)

(Note: One whom we shall called a "beloved and trusted advisor" who is always wiser than me would have me point out that the above picture is not a quote from the PB; it is an unofficial ad for the church featuring both a picture of the female leader as well as a funny-cause-its-true-if-admittedly-snotty motto. The beer quote, however, is very much real.)

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