Friday, June 13, 2008

In memorium

I read the news about NBC's Tim Russert's death a few moments ago. It doesn't seem real... I don't feel like I believe it... he's on Morning Joe all the time, on primary night returns, I was looking forward to watching the podcast of this weekend's interview with Joe Biden... he has his critics, but I'm generally a fan... Tim Russert was THE single most important Washington journalist. This is shocking, and very saddening for news junkies everywhere. :( My heart goes out to the Russert family and the NBC staff.

This has been a primary season of surprises and unexpected twists. This is the largest, saddest, most shocking surprise yet.


Fr. Warren said...

Dear Nathan,
I ran across you blog and though I'd say hey. I'm living in Worcester, MA and went to seminary in Austin (listening to Guy Clark even as I write). I'd love to correspond some. I thought I'd share a Russert memory. Seeing that you like baseball, you might appreciate this. I had the good fortune to go to the 1998 All Star Game in Denver. Mr. Russert sat about half a section over and one row in front of us. We were surrounded by lots of celebs--Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Kevin Costner--but Russert stood out. We I saw him coming down the aisle to his seat there was the biggest smile on his face. The joy of being in the place, in the moment was shimmering. I'll never forget his unbridled joy worn on his sleeve that night.

Good luck on your journey. Warren Hicks

Nathan Empsall said...

Thank you for the comments, Father Warren. That's a great story about Russert. Have you shared it on the official memorial pages?

I was born in Austin myself. Thanks for stopping by, and for your encouragement! :)