Thursday, June 12, 2008

The British are coming! The British are coming!

Lyndon LaRouche, that nut-job seven-time candidate for the Democratic nomination for President who believed the CIA and KGB jointly trained a Manchurian candidate to kill him in 1974, was nowhere to be seen during the 2008 primaries. I can’t recall his name coming up even once during my New Hampshire travels. Yet just when you thought it was safe to go in the water again…

Attractive young members of the LaRouche movement were outside the Union Station Metro this morning, right alongside the man who insists Obama is a cannibal and the omni-present "Conservative?" fellow with the convention hat and Willy Wonka golden tickets. They were passing out some slick looking magazine to passing Senate staffers and lobbyists, and quite a number of folks took one. I didn’t know who these well-dressesd magazine peddlers were and might have taken a copy myself until I overheard someone behind me say to them, "Hey hey! Yeah! LaRouche! Go LaRouch! Haha!" The LaRouchie asked this guy which Senator he and his friends worked for, and they replied, “We’re all with Mikulski.”

“Ah, Mikulski,” said the LaRouchie. “Which state is that now?”

There’s tip number one – don’t try to talk to Senate staffers about politics if you live in Northern VA yet don’t know the who’s who of DC. The Mikulski staffers were bewildered to say the least, but told the LaRouchie they were from Maryland. He started going off about some alleged scandal in Maryland, but the walk signal mercilessly changed, allowing us to escape that one…

…right into the clutches of three more across the street. They were the most aggressive yet. One stuck her magazine right in my face, and I couldn’t help it, I yelled in my best British accent, “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!” and kept moving.

Then, two blocks later, no joke, a bird flew into the back of my head.

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Jordan said...

It sounds like the most interesting of days.

"God shave the Quein"
-Sean Connery