Monday, June 23, 2008

Blogosphere Buzz: Told Ya So

My second post of the afternoon. As you might imagine, the Episcopal/Anglican blogosphere is abuzz about GAFCON and Lambeth. Despite the myriad of links to the right, I have never been very good about keeping up with said blogosphere. I hope to change that this summer, and read at least the big dogs (Fr. Jake, Episcopal Cafe, etc.) on a regular basis. I did thumb through the blogroll today, and found a post from Jim Naughton at Episcopal Cafe's The Lead that confirms what I wrote earlier today: schism is not happening. As is obvious to the most casual observer, the numbers for it just aren't there, mainstream media bedamned.

If Ruth Gledhill has it right today (in the final eight paragraphs of this story), the leaders of GAFCON now seem to have embraced a strategy aimed at creating "change from within." This is a significant, encouraging, and, for them, no doubt galling development because Peter Akinola, Martyn Minns and Co., had previously scorned such a strategy...

GAFCON’s high profile leaders don’t have the strength to force the schism they yearn for. Too few provinces are on board, and not all of those provinces are united in their desire to leave the Communion.... So the leaders of GAFCON are attempting to dress up strategic failure as the dawning of a new phase of their march toward victory, hoping that the media will bite...

Akinola and company are making a great deal of noise to distract us from the fact that little is happening.

Naughton and I are not alone in this belief; The Anglican Scotist and In A Godward Direction (both of which have been on my blogroll for some time) have similar thoughts.

The real buzz in the Anglican blogosphere, however, is not GAFCON's new strategy, but their divisive approach. The Episcopal Church may make welcoming its motto, but the same cannot be said of all our global Anglican brethern. GAFCON has officially banned eight persons from the premises. Father Jake asks, "I wonder who is functioning as their 'Bouncers for Jesus'?" If one of the eight shows up, delegates are supposed to warn one another by singing "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name. Because clearly, Jesus' frequent conversations with tax collectors, lepers, Roman soldiers, and Pharisees showed that he was all about ignoring the opposition and hoped his followers would hate their enemies. It is in this spirit that I have joined the Facebook group, "I want to be banned by GAFCON, too!"

That's quite enough for today. Tomorrow, I shall call Peter Akinola a liar and compare some of the GAFCON bishops to George W. Bush.

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