Monday, March 03, 2008

My Down Ballot Race for 2008

Lt. Col. Rick Noriega (D-TX) for U.S. Senate!!

In the days following Hurricane Katrina, Col. Noriega coordinated relief efforts at the George Brown Convention Center. He would be the only recent war veteran in the Senate, and one of just four Hispanics. He's a local boy, having gone to the University of Houston, but also an Ivy Leaguer, having attended Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. And, even though he's a Democrat, his stance on immigration earned him the backing of Massey Villarreal, the former chairman of the board of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

Noriega's opponent, incumbent Republican John Cornyn, is certainly beatable - it's another anti-Republican year, he was elected with less than 55% of the vote in 2002 (a very Republican year), and currently has an approval rating of about 40%. He certainly deserves to be defeated: he received a 0 rating from the League of Conservation Voters (I guess he hates creation), voted against the 9/11 Commission's recommendations, voted against restoring $565 million for first responders, opposes comprehensive immigration reform, used to support the segregationist George Wallace, and, quite frankly, is just a plain old stumblebum with no place in government.

So donate to Rick Noriega - I did!

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