Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cobbling Scripture Together

Spring Break is over, my car gave up the ghost, and I have started a Congressional internship in Washington DC. Oddly enough, it has snowed almost a foot in both my homes this week, New Hampshire and Idaho, and yet I am in neither one. I hope to resume regular blogging soon, hopefully this week, but for now, here is a delightful little quote from a Garrison Keillor column on his own religious skepticisim.

A year or so ago, I sat down and read the four Gospels in one fell swoop and somehow the jaggedness of some of it shook my faith, which maybe was based more on visuals — Jesus tending His flock, and little children gathered at His knee, sunbeams bursting through storm clouds, and so forth — and then I read about how the early Church cobbled the Scriptures together, which has to raise doubts in anyone's mind. The Jews got stone tablets and the Mormons arranged for an angel to bring them their holy text, but ours was hammered out through a long contentious political process, sort of like the tax code, and that's something you don't care to know more about."

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Jen Stovern said...

Wow. I liked that. Did I ever mention I looove Garrison Keillor? Yup.