Sunday, March 16, 2008

Clinton and Obama

I made a post on the frontpage of MyDD today about the Clinton-Obama stalemate, proposing that party elders coalesce around a nominee by offering Clinton the Senate Majority Leader position once all the states have voted. Yes, I am an Obama supporter, but I would happily flip this scenario around but for one reason: I think Clinton's skill set (attention to detail, strong relationships, ability to crack heads) is better fit for legislative leadership than Obama's, and Obama's vision and inspiration is better for national leadership than Clinton's. This idea comes not out of an idea to see Obama take the White House, but because I don't see any other way to break the stalemate before the Convention - the remaining states don't seem likely to do so. Harry Reid hasn't been very effective as SML, so this scenario-scenario is win-win for the party - and for Reid, as he could gain a reptuation as an elder party statesman if he gracefully stepped aside for the party's sake (and perhaps accepted a job in Obama's cabinet).

Read it here. The post has already attracted 330 comments.

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