Wednesday, January 30, 2008


The Dartmouth Green no longer exists. We now have the Dartmouth Black - a big sheet of black ice, beckoning all to come and slip. I don't have my camera with me, but you can watch people toe along on the Dartmouth webcam.

(UPDATE: The Green was treacherous when I walked across it at 8:40 and 10 AM, but at 11, I only came across one nasty patch of black ice. Oh, one nasty patch, how I hate you! But still check out the webcam, it's always fun for a minute or two, especially at peak times.)

In other news, Rudy Giuliani and John Edwards are both dropping out of the presidential race today. I started this race out not a big fan of Edwards, but I guess I'm ok with him now - still not my favorite, though. Giuliani is the opposite. I, like everyone else, initially loved Giuliani for his 9/11 leadership and respected his moderatism, but the more I've learned about his arrogance and his Constitutional views the farther my respect for him has plummeted. Good riddance.

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