Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Best Katrina Posts

Although I now blog about anything and everything (with an emphasis on US politics and The Episcopal Church), I started this webpage while working with the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. For the first year of this blog's life, it existed solely as a Katrina recovery page. Here, then, are what I consider my best posts regarding Hurricane Katrina.

Gulf Coast Volunteer Opportunities

2008 Presidential Candidates on Katrina Recovery (With Original Reporting)

Pictures and Homeowner Stories from March 2007

Several Posts With Picture Updates from LA and MS

A Summary of New Orleans Recovery, January 2007

The Road Home Program: LA's Second Disaster

In Which I Give Out Stuffed Animals, and Other Vignettes

NPR's John Burnett and Common Ground Relief

The Importance of Helping the Gulf Coast

The Diocesan Mobile Unit

Distinctly Episcopal

(This post is not actually from January 2008, but from July 2008. It is meant as a reference for my blogrolls, not as a blog post in and of itself. Thus, I am burying it among old posts so as not to interfere with new posts.)

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