Friday, January 11, 2008

Larry Craig Gets His Partisan On

Each of Senator Larry "Wide Stance" Craig (R-ID)'s email newsletters contains a little poll for subscribers to vote in. Like all online polls, the Craig eView polls are unscientific and meaningless, and often the questions themselves are biased and loaded, but perhaps they can at least give us some insight into the minds of Idaho Republicans. Obviously not all his subscribers are Idaho Republicans - I, for one, am a TX/ID/NH Democrat interested in veterans affairs, Craig's forte - but no doubt conservatives make up the largest portion of respondents, something previous poll results bear out.

That's why I find his latest results hilarious. Arriving in my inbox just moments ago:

An email list of probably 75, 80% Republicans, and all Craig could get to say the Democrats were failing was 56%? One would have expected a supermajority from such a biased sample, and yet if Idaho Republicans were all Senators, they couldn't even sustain a filibuster, much less override a veto! Obviously this sort of thing is just fun and games, completely meaningless, but maybe, just maaaybe, Idaho Democrats are in a better position for 2008 than I thought.

For the record, until Romney dropped him like a hot potato, Craig was a big supporter of Romney's presidential campaign. See my next post for more on Romney.

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