Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hands Off My Dollar

Kudos to Dartmouth Economics Professor Andrew Samwick. It takes a lot to bring out my economically conservative side, but he did just that with his blog post "Fiscal Stimulus? We Don't Need No..."

By focusing on the deficit, Prof. Samwick makes a compelling case that Obama, Clinton, Edwards, McCain, and Bush are all... gasp... wrong on the economy and the potential recession. The best way to handle the current economic slump, he says, is not to pass a stimulus package that future generations will have to pay for, but rather to do... absolutely nothing.

Prof. Samwick, who is the director of Dartmouth's Rockefeller Center, has said in the past of deficits, "Taxing someone in 2020 to pay for our spending binge in 2003 violates my notions of fairness, and that is a substantially more salient issue here than any additional concerns about efficiency." Couldn't agree more. So, to those of you Senators and Presidents proposing $150 billion stimulus packages, this voting member of a future generation says:

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