Sunday, December 30, 2007


Easter is coming pretty darn early next year. Ash Wednesday kicks off Lent on February 6, and Easter falls on March 23: I'll still be on Spring Break! It may seem odd that I would mention this while still in the midst of Christmastide (like putting out the reindeer decorations the day after Halloween?), but the deacon at St. Luke's Episcopal in Coeur d'Alene said something this morning I found pretty funny, and worth sharing: "I was writing my letter for the January newsletter, which meant I had to think about Lent during Advent. Wow, did that ever take some mental gymnastics!"

I'd also like to mention that I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life today. I went on about it for five minutes to my parents, describing the view from the hill I was on, the mountains, the city nestled below, the myraid of colors, the trees, the snow, and more. I wish I'd had my camera with me so as to share it with you, but every cloud has a silver lining - instead of spending my time trying to get the perfect shot, I was able to just step back, gasp, soak it all in, and say a prayer of joy. I know exactly where I'll be next Dec. 30, camera in hand!

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nic said...

Christmas decorations the day after halloween? Really? I saw Christmas stuff up in Sears about a week before halloween.

Happy New year, by the way.