Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm Back, Baby!

After three months of naptime, I’m bringing this blog back! This fall, I had to deal with some personal issues, was active with the Biden for President campaign, and had a heavier academic workload than I expected, but all that’s winding down and I’m looking forward to a fresh start this winter.

I am planning a few changes. You’ll notice I’ve dropped “Nathan on New Orleans” from the blog’s name, so it’s just plain “Wayward Episcopalian” now. It has been nine months since I was last in New Orleans, and with the time crush explained above, I haven’t had the time to read the Times Picayune or track Katrina blogs. Then there’s also the regular passage of time – I spent almost two years working on Katrina advocacy issues, and I’m ready for something new. The Gulf Coast continues to suffer, and Katrina recovery will certainly remain a priority on this blog, it just won’t be the primary focus anymore.

It is time for me to transition Wayward to a more generic blog role. I will focus primarily on social justice issues, national politics, Christian and Episcopalian topics, Dartmouth College, baseball, local news (Idaho and NH both, I suppose), YouTube videos I like, and general personal musings. Katrina will certainly be one of those social justice issues, but starting today, anything is fair game. Let me emphasize that - I will continue to write about New Orleans, I am not dropping it, I am merely expanding the scope of this blog.

Look for posts in the coming weeks and days about steroids in baseball, my first hand experiences with the 2008 New Hampshire primary, Barack Obama on Katrina, Mike Huckabee on Mormonism, my thoughts on Huckabee in general, my views on abortion, and more.

Many thanks to those of you who had the patience to leave Wayward on your blogrolls or in your personal blogreaders for the past few months. I’ll leave you – for now – with this wonderful music video, shot in 2005 in the French Quarter, from the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Clint Maedgen on vocals.

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doctorj2u said...

Glad to have you back Wayward. It is tme to move forward. Louisiana finally got the federal money to fund the promised help to the citizens that lost their homes and begin coastal restoration. It only took the current Democratic governor and the future Republican governor to go personally to Congress. Together they had to remind Congress this isn't a partisan issue, but a moral issue. Two years and four months after the worst disaster in America, Congress steps up! I asked my mom about the services at Trinity Church in Pass Christian. They are being held at a Methodist Church futher inland right now, and new plans for a HUGE church are being made. The current church you worked on will be a parish hall. So things are moving forward. Best of luck for your future projects. You are talented and bright and have a wonderful giving heart. Merry Christmas!