Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bundles of Hope

I posted this on Monday, but my Biden and Huckabee posts buried it pretty quickly, so I'm bumping it ahead.

Katie Mears of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana's Office of Disaster Response sent out this e-mail on Thursday. I worked with Katie and the ODR, and strongly encourage you to support their outstanding, ongoing Katrina recovery efforts.

Bundles of Hope
Give the gift of hope this Christmas

Bundles of Hope is an alternative gift-giving program of the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana. Give a lasting and meaningful gift to your friends, family, co-workers and clients, and support the diocese with its post-Katrina rebuilding efforts at the same time.

Choose which bundles you want to give, go to our website, and follow the easy directions to print out your honor cards to give away. Donate online, or send in a check with your order form. It’s that simple!

If you need assistance or don't have access to a printer, call us (225-706-6634) and we’ll be glad to help. Thanks for supporting the rebuilding of a great American city.

Your gift to the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana is tax-deductible. Every dollar goes directly to assist with the on-going support of our citizens who are still recovering from the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina. Each purchase is symbolic and represents a contribution to the entire mission of the Diocese. Donations will be used where most needed to help struggling people.

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