Sunday, September 02, 2007

Le Third

I made my third post for Joe Biden on the highly trafficed's front page Thursday. You can read the full thing at MyDD; here's an excerpt.

"Dartmouth's summer term has ended, so I'm back in North Idaho for a few weeks, lapping up the Larry Craig coverage. Another friend of mine was flying from New Hampshire to Idaho this week, and guess where she was when she saw news of the scandal? That's right... her layover at the Minneapolis airport. Too rich.

The collapse of Craig's career isn't the only good news for our party his week, as the Biden for President campaign continues to roll forward. The campaign has beaten its online fundraising goals for August, raising them an additional 20%. Keeping that momentum in mind, I want to highlight three things with today's campaign blogger post: Biden's strength on unions, Iraq, and Katrina recovery."

The post goes on to discuss Biden's day as a school janitor, part of the SEIU's "Walk a Day in My Shoes" campaign; his reputation as a straight-shooter, especially on Iraq; and the conversation I had with him several months ago about Katrina recovery.

On another note... I do feel bad that three of my last seven posts here have been plugging my MyDD posts for Biden rather than highliting Katrina recovery, the stated purpose (for now) of this blog... what a sorry state my blogging has been in lately. :(

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