Thursday, September 13, 2007


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of The Wayward Episcopalian. My first post, made back when the blog was geared more towards updating family and friends than towards pushing Katrina recovery in general, described my week in DC and arriving in New Orleans for the start of my three-month volunteer stint. So, huzzah!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Things in the city are so much better now than then. It was a good news day today. The LSU Dental School has reopened in the city. It provides dental care for a large number of New Orleanians at a greatly reduced cost. It is also good for the economy, bringing faculty and students into town. The Veterans -LSU Medical Center hospital plans are moving ahead. New School construction was announced yesterday. Maybe all of that "heard of money" is starting to flow! Also it was announced today that the Arch Bishop of Canterbury will be making a trip to NoLa. Don't get me wrong, there is still so much devastation and so much work to be done, but things ARE progressing. Thank you for your part in that process!

Jordan said...

Congratulations, and very nice.

Hopefully the next time you go back thing's will look much better.