Thursday, August 16, 2007


MyDD, one of the more popular liberal blogs, has begun featuring individual candidate bloggers on its homepage. Each Democratic presidential candidate has a supporter or two who writes about them on a designated day. I have the distinct honor of being asked to write for Senator Joe Biden (D-DE); my first post appeared today. Here is a brief excerpt:

I have long admired Senator Joe Biden, and am thrilled that he is running for President. His only previous run, in 1988, was derailed by exaggerated claims of plagiarism. But perhaps it is well that Biden's '88 campaign was derailed-he himself admits that he was then too young and inexperienced to be President. Twenty years is a long time, however, and Biden has since grown from a Senate firebrand to an esteemed statesman. No one can argue that he lacks the maturity and policy expertise to be President today.

Though I have specific reasons for not supporting any of our party's current "frontrunners", I want to keep this post positive, and will focus on why I support Joe Biden. I will address some of the more common blogosphere criticisms of Biden in the comment section below. Jerome also asked us campaign bloggers to "asses how their candidate has done to date (ie., what's been the moments of the campaign strategy... that standout)." The positives about Joe Biden the man will make for a fairly lengthy post on their own, but I will say two things about the actual campaign: First, I strongly believe Biden has won, or come in a strong second, at all five of the debates. This is slowly giving the campaign more and more press attention, which well help with fundraising efforts and name recognition. Fundraising should also start to improve now that Biden is not tied up by Senate hearings on Iraq and Russia. Second, do remember that in December 2003, a month before the Iowa caucuses, John Kerry was polling at 3% and his campaign finances consisted of a second mortgage on his house. 2004, 1992, 1988, and 1976 all show that it's foolish to count out the second tier. For more on how Biden can win, read this article I wrote for the Dartmouth Independent. And with that, here are the five primary reasons why I'm with Joe:

1. Iraq
2. The Violence Against Women Act
3. Experience
4. Doesn't Duck Questions
5. REAL Family Values

Read the rest here. I am particularly proud of the section on Biden's values. Also, if you have about 7 minutes, watch his answers from the most recent Democratic primary debate, sponsored by the AFL-CIO:

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