Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Vitter Veekend

The only real Vitter news from this weekend comes from Rep. Bobby Jindal. The state GOP's standard bearer and future Governor finally released a statement, saying, "This is a matter for the senator to address, and it is our hope that this is not used by others for their own political gain." Former Rep. Bob Livingston, who resigned from Vitter's House seat in 1998 after his own affair was outed, also encouraged Vitter not to resign. Because hey, sitting Senators have every right to break the law.

The story's fallen away on the national level, because as Politico explains, everybody in DC is focused on Iraq. And that's as it should be - let's face it, Iraq is a more important issue. The local level is a different story - the Senator's affairs have rocked Louisiana politics to the core. The story is finally starting to turn partisan. As Jindal and Livingston show, state Republicans are somewhat falling in line behind the Senator, and state Democrats are letting into him for his hypocrisy. (Personally, I think the Democrats should stay silent - it's better politics to have a story about the Senator's affairs than to have a story about Democrats criticizing Vitter. This is how Dems won back Congress last year - let Republican scandals play out by themselves in the news, so that the bad Republican is the story, not the partisan Democrat.)

It sure took Jindal a while to release his statement, though, and Daily Kingfish has a great post up about that. Don't expect anything further until Senator Vitter returns to work in DC this week. I'm sure his first public appearances since his admission of guilt will be newsworthy. In the meantime,the Shreveport Times has a good story up about Vitter's recent life and political future, calling his scandals "a ticking time bomb."

BTW, I continue to get readers searching Google for the phrase "Vitter diaper." Sorry, folks, there's no new news on the diaper fetish front, but then again, does there really need to be? A sitting US Senator, who is perhaps the most holier-than-thou man in Louisiana politics, cheated on his family and broke the law. Do the titillating details really matter? Focus! And while you're here, take the time to learn about a REAL issue - bone up on Katrina recovery issues by reading through the "Best Posts" list at right. Happy Sunday!


Episcopallooza said...

It's interesting to note that right after Katrina, there was a vote to form a bi-partisan commission to look into the govt. response to Katrina. It was defeated and I called Vitter's office to inquire as to how he voted on this important issue for Louisiana. They responded that Vitter had "missed the vote due to family obligations".

Nathan S. Empsall said...

Thanks for the info. That is a concern... it's possible Vitter knew how the vote would turn out and that his presence wouldn't change things, so went ahead and tended to a sick mother-in-law or something like that. Missed votes are something I'm usually willing to give the benefit of the doubt over, but it's always worth questioning.

doctorj2u said...

Vitter is my senator and I wrote him requesting his support for the Katrina investigation. He responded that he would not support it because there had already been many individual hearings. I wrote him back telling him he had made it clear to me that he worked for the Republican Party and not the citizens of Louisiana. The man is a total embarrasment. I knew he wouldn't resign (wrote him asking that too.) because a democratic governor would appoint his replacement. The GOP will gladly turn a blind eye to a law breaking sexual deviant in their midst to keep the seat out of the democrats hands. So much for their honor.