Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trinity Church Update

Doctorj2u was kind enough to e-mail me these recent photos from Trinity Episcopal Church in Pass Christian, MS. My own parish, St. Luke's in Coeur d'Alene, ID, has been helping to rebuild Trinity. Several parishioners went down to physically work on the church immediately following the storm, and we've been sending financial help ever since.

Trinity before the storm (from their website)

Trinity in October 2005 (doctorj2u)

Trinity when I saw it November 2006 (Bob Gustafson)

Trinity Now (doctorj2u)

As you can see, not much has been done since last November, which is somewhat disheartening. Hopefully progress has been made inside the church; I don't have any recent photos from inside. I'm not too hopeful, though, because when I saw the church with fellow St. Luke's parishioner Bob Gustafson in November, he said most of the work he had done right after the storm (such as an amatuer wiring job) still showed. I am told Trinity has enough money to rebuild, but not enough manpower. That might be outdated information, though. The newest information I have comes from the March conference call I wrote about. One piece of troubling information is that they are rebuilding the church in the exact same place it stood before - and where it was destroyed before by a previous hurricane. You'd think they'd move it 50 yards inland or something, but emotions and memories do matter, I guess. Here are some more pictures, courtesy doctorj2u, from Waveland and Bay St. Louis, MS:

The new bridge over Bay St. Louis, which I wrote about in May, and other regional shots.

My roommate Alex is playing a very pretty, mellow song on his guitar right now. I wish you could hear it too.

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