Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sean Hannity: David Vitter Should Resign

Sean Hannity seems to think conservatives can do no wrong. If you're pro-life and think we found WMDs, well then by golly you must be one of the 12 apostles come back to life. So if you're a major conservative player and the ultimate flag waving cheerleader stops carrying your water, you know you did bad.

From NBC's First Read:
It appears that conservative commentator Sean Hannity called for the resignation of Sen. David Vitter (R) on his FOX News show last night. While listing several times he has spoken out against Republicans in Congress, he added, “I think Senator Vitter should probably live by the line that he put out for Bill Clinton back in the Monica Lewisky scandal," when Vitter called Clinton morally unfit to govern.

NBC's Political Unit had been monitoring Hannity’s radio show daily after the Vitter prostitution story broke, in hope that the senator would call in to air his side of the story. The radio show has become a sort of confessional for conservatives plagued by scandal. But it now seems that Hannity will not be providing a sympathetic ear to Vitter.

I wonder if Hannity will take his own advice, too? For since when does Bunny Bar = moral values talk radio?

I'm going back to listening to Scott Simon now, who's interviewing one of my favorite actors, Billy Bob Thornton. Yeah, that's right, listening to Scott Simon and Billy Bob. As in NOT reading Harry Potter.

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