Thursday, July 05, 2007

Posts of Note

I'm trying to keep tabs on a few of the other New Orleans blogs that are out there. There are far too many for me to look at on a regular basis, so I've selected just a few to slip into my blog reader (I use My Yahoo - how boring and mainstream, I know).

Here are a few posts of note I've seen in the last few days, dealing with YOUR personal Congressman and Senators, the state of the city and why it needs to be saved, FEMA trailers and cottages, and - fun fun - zydeco music. Enjoy!

Judyb over at Thanks, Katrina has a great post up listing all the Senators and Congressman who have visited New Orleans since the storm. Please check to see if your Senators are among the 57 on the list, and if not, call and demand they hurry down! Their office numbers are available at The majority of my readers come from LA, TX, ID, WA, and NH, so I'll give you the rundown on those states: Larry Craig of Idaho has been there but Mike Crapo has not; Maria Cantwell of Washington has seen the lasting damage for herself but Patty Murray has not. Ten states, including NH (Senators Judd Gregg and John Sununu), have not had either Senator visit the city. TX and LA are, of course, good to go. Thanks, Judy!

You may also remember that when I first started writing about Katrina recovery, I was constantly fuming about the use of FEMA trailers when FEMA could be using cheaper, safer, friendlier cottages. Judyb has another post looking at the current status of those cottages, as well as some pictures. Here's just one of those pictures - yes, this house really is cheaper and safer than a FEMA trailer:

Wet Bank Guide has a great post entitled, "Same as it never was, same as it never was." It's one of those entries that concisely gets not just to the heart of how NOLA is today, but also of why it needs to be saved. Blogger Mark Folse writes, "Here in New Orleans it is not just the unique soul of a Creole and Carribean city clinging to the edge of America, the birthplace of much of American culture that is being saved. It is one of the last stands to save the soul of America. That it has even a slight chance in hell of succeeding is something worth celebrating."

Finally, take a look at this fun post from last Friday by David Rutledge from Voices of New Orleans: "America needs more zydeco. It should be pumped into the White House, right into the Oval Office. No one could plan a war with this music playing." David provides a link to some great New Orleans music.

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