Sunday, July 01, 2007

More on Tacos

Gutterboy commented on the Jefferson Parish taco ban (see below) over at Daily Kos.

"New Orleans had a very low Hispanic population until the government "rebuilding" contracts were handed out... At that point, the enterprising businessmen imported Honduran and Mexican laborers by the truckload and set many of them up in apartments - 8 or 10 or 12 or more to a tiny apartment.

When the money ran out, the rebuilders skipped town, leaving both New Orleans and the new labor pool to their own devices. We got the $$$ -- see ya!

Most of the people I meet have no animus toward the new Hispanic population. But the ban on "taco trucks" in neighboring Jeff Parish is an eye-roller. Veterans Memorial Boulevard, the parish's main drag, often has carts selling sno-balls (snow cones), fresh shrimp out of ice chests, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Orleans Parish seems to be taking a more pragmatic view of things -- there are empty lots, so somebody might as well be using them.

And, given the reverence for food in New Orleans, there are already heated discussions like "Have you tried the taco truck at such-and-such corner?" Heck, there's a tamale stand across the parking lot from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, and you can gorge on Vietnamese food for lunch, pick up a few tamales on your way out, and have your day's spiritual-nutritional needs all taken care of."

Picture Credit: TimesPic. "A hot food truck operates just inside Orleans parish Wednesday, the day the Jefferson Parish Council banned them. On other days it has operated just inside Jefferson parish. It's days of doing that might be numbered. Under a new Jefferson law, the trucks cannot stay in one place for more than 30 minutes and they must provide restrooms."

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