Monday, July 09, 2007

More Blogroll Updates

I added a few more links to the blogroll yesterday (the list of Katrina blogs on the right sidebar). They are:

A.M. in the Morning!
The blog of a morning NOLA radio show, described as: "Chicory Coffee, Beignets, a Gulf Coast Sunrise: A GREAT WAY TO START ANY DAY! Dispatches from Katrina's ground zero with Ana Maria... a distinctly progressive political voice." Ana Maria has been working on a great series about recovery. Today's piece, "The 'F' Word," covers FEMA mistakes, in addition to recent entries debunking national myths about recovery, slamming the Bush White House's response to the storm, and more. Be sure to check this one out!

Wet Bank Guide
“Remembering Katrina, envisioning New Orleans.” Blogger Mark Folse lives in New Orleans. I’ve linked to Wet Bank Guide in several of my own posts lately. Mark’s had some great stuff up on a wide variety of NOLA topics.

“From post-apocalyptic New Orleans… A Gritty urban writer and mother-to-be chronicles her adventures in America’s lost metropolis.” I first noticed Pistollette when everyone linked to her critique of the Hartford Courant op-ed I wrote about yesterday.

Maitri’s VatulBlog
VatulBlog has had some great posts lately about NOLA crime, rebuilding, sea levels, and the Road Home program in the last few days. “VatulNet is words, science, art, music, bits and bytes, and emotion that help us in our exploration of life. I gather information and disperse it, therefore I am. In addition, kindred spirits and I connect these seemingly disparate ideas in the hope of a better understanding of life and its living. Having a sea of choices and viewpoints makes a more enlightened human being.”

Tim’s Nameless Blog
I haven’t checked this one out yet, but doctor2ju recommends, and that’s good enough for me. Written by a civil engineer and father of one in New Orleans. “Life in New Orleans after Katrina.”

b.rox: Life in the Floodzone
Another one I haven’t checked out, but also recommended by doctor2ju. “Xy and I are back in our flooded home, trying to help rebuild New Orleans.”

Ray in New Orleans
Doctor2ju’s final submission that I haven’t yet read, but again, that’s praise enough for my blogrolls. “New orleans, katrina, food, katrina, tattoos, katrina, kids, food, music, politics, sobriety, food, books...and sometimes baseball, and food.” Ray sez, “I was born into a big Irish/German family in Boston, grew up in New Orleans, went to college in Houston, spent a few years in San Francisco, and a lot more years in Austin. In July, I moved back to New Orleans with my wife, two kids, a cat and a dog. Which may be either the most exciting or the stupidest thing I've ever done.”

Also, has a pretty long list of bloggers here. It’s huge, I have no idea how many of the blogs are active and how many are now defunct, but I’ll eventually slowly make my way through the list.

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