Sunday, July 08, 2007

Al Gore and The Sopranos

Non-Katrina related (scroll down for today's Katrina post), but damn it's funny. From Think Progress:

"Al Gore is a 'die-hard' Sopranos fan, but was going to have to miss last month’s season finale because he was scheduled to be on a plane to Istanbul. So Gore called Brad Grey, the chairman of Paramount, and asked for an advance copy. After originally refusing, Grey eventually 'had a Halliburton-made steel case, containing a copy of the episode, delivered to the tarmac where Mr. Gore’s plane sat in Chicago. The case was locked with a code. … Mr. Gore could not open it until the plane was in the air, when he was instructed to call Mr. Grey’s office for the numeric code.'"

The New York Times adds, "After the tale of Mr. Gore’s special delivery made the rounds of Hollywood political circles, the Republican candidate Rudolph W. Giuliani called Mr. Grey, a longtime friend, to complain. Why didn’t he get a special 'Sopranos' delivery, too?" Rudy usually makes me hurl, but I have to side with him on this one - seems to me the guy who brought down the REAL New York mob deserves himself a copy of the Sopranos! :P

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