Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Blogs

I’ve done a little bit of poking around recently, and came across some great Katrina recovery blogs. This means it’s time for a major overhaul of my blogrolls (the link lists on the right). Some of these blogs I read, some I’m too busy to follow, but they’re all important local NOLA perspectives and appear to be well written, so I recommend you check out as many as you can. Pick three or four to check in on from time to time, and you’ll find yourself pretty well informed about Louisiana politics and continuing recovery issues. In another few months, I might find my own blog trending more towards highlighting the best of these than anything else (but not yet). I’ll overhaul my Episcopal, Dartmouth, and Inland Northwest blogrolls soon, too.

If you know of other good regularly updated Katrina websites, please let me know and I’ll check them out. The blogs are in alphabetical order because I’m not familiar enough with all of them to accurately rank them. My apologies to bloggers who find themselves lower on the list – being “Wayward” myself, I feel your pain.

Local News

The New Orleans Times Picayune
New Orleans' daily newspaper, which won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

The Gambit Weekly
Every city needs an alternative weekly. The Gambit is NOLA's.

The Biloxi Sun Herald
Bilxoi's daily newspaper, which won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans Blogs

Ashley Morris: the blog
The blog of a New Orleans college professor and parent of three.

The Bishop’s Blog
The Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana, the Rt. Rev. Charles Jenkins, blogs here from time to time.

Described as, “Some stray thoughts from Louisiana on hurricane reconstruction, moral, physical and political.” I found it when he linked to my Katrina analysis of the 2008 presidential candidates.

Carnival of Hurricane Relief
Has tracked hurricane relief blogs and news articles since the storm.

Daily Kingfish
Covers recovery news and Louisiana politics. Left-leaning, but very insightful. You can set up an account and maintain a "diary" here, like on MyDD and Daily Kos. It represents Louisiana on MyDD's list of progressive state blogs.

da po’ blog
Another local blog with many recent good, insightful posts about New Orleans crime. Do check this one out.

Fix the Pumps
A blog focusing on the pumps and the Army Corps of Engineers.

As the name implies, this covers New Orleans food, music, and recovery. Lots of YouTube videos.

Gentilly Girl
Described as, “The thoughts and dreams of a New Orleans Native exiled from her home by Hurricane Katrina. It is also my place to defend the rebuilding of Gentilly, the best part of the city.” She's angry, and her writing reflects it.

Gentilly Project
A Dartmouth project, led by the Tuck School of Business’ Prof. Quintus Jett, aimed at helping the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans recover. Go Big Green.

Healthcare for Peace
A young recovery volunteer from the Inland Northwest blogs about Katrina news. Sound familiar?

Humid Beings
Tracks the New Orleans blogs for you.

Levees Not War
Liberal-leaning NOLA news site.

Pushing for a 9/11-style commission on the past and future of the Louisiana levees.

Metroblogging New Orleans
A collection of NOLA bloggers reflecting on all sorts of local topics. Recent posts include Katrina recovery, the weather, and Bill Jefferson’s indictment.

NOLA Blogger
NOLA resident on local politics and recovery news.

Moldy City
NOLA resident on local politics and recovery news.

The New Yorker’s New Orleans Journal
At a time when most national news outlets have decided to ignore recovery issues, the New Yorker magazine has a regular blog devoted to New Orleans. Yay.

People Get Ready
“Make (leaky) levees, not war.” NOLA resident on local politics and recovery news.

Thanks, Katrina
A woman blogs from Slidell, LA.

The Third Battle of New Orleans
Recovery stuff, lots of pictures and lots of posters.

Volunteer Opportunities
This is my post from a couple weeks back, listing Gulf Coast opportunities. Please, your help is still needed! Even if you can’t make it down yourself, you can still link to this post on your own blog or webpage and encourage your friends!

Yat Pundit
A progressive take in Louisiana. Was the MyDD link for Louisiana before Daily Kingfish.

Your Right Hand Thief
“Laughing hard truths in New Orleans.” NOLA resident on local politics and recovery news.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,
You got a lot of my favorites but here are some more.
One question. I always thought Ashly Morris was a man?

J.L.P said...

Excellent work. Have you heard any of Harry Shearer's coverage of Post-Katrina New Orleans?

He focuses on local, state, and federal blunders and the science, or lack thereof, of reconstruction efforts. He posts regularly on Huffington Post and his radio broadcast is called LeShow.