Thursday, May 10, 2007

Update to the Previous Post

The previous post talks about Tuck School of Business efforts, led by Prof. Jett, to help the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans recover from Katrina. I should have included this link, as well; it's a New Orleans Times-Picayune article about Prof. Jett's work.

Part of the article reads,

"A survey of every block of Gentilly and two adjacent Lakefront enclaves, covering 16,039 properties, nearly all of them residential, found that only 4 percent could be classified untouched or abandoned. The researchers classified 57 percent of the homes as gutted or under construction, while they found 31 percent occupied or restored. At 8 percent of addresses, they found vacant lots, in many instances the result of a demolition, also a sign of progress.

The survey, done in March, also tracked the presence of trailers, finding a total of 2,546 still dotting the landscape. The survey of more than 20 neighborhoods within Gentilly -- a large collection of subdivisions that before the storm fairly well mirrored the city's population as a whole -- offers the most detailed snapshot of recovery progress to date in a racially- and economically-diverse slice of New Orleans."

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