Saturday, May 19, 2007

Carnival of Hurricane Relief

"Cehwiedel" has been kind enough to feature this blog in a couple of her posts, so I thought I should post a link sending you her way. She runs "The Carnival of Hurricane Relief," which highlights the best of Katrina blogs. I've got to say, while I think the name is a bit silly, it is a valuable service. Thanks, Cehwiedel, keep up the good work! :D

I also want to highlight a couple stories about ACORN, a progressive relief group. (Apologies to Mary, the author, who I told I would post these weeks ago!) This first story is a great description of volunteer efforts, complete with pictures.

"New Orleans shows signs of hope and grief"
"In a corner of New Orleans, next to the infamous 17th Street canal breached during Hurricane Katrina almost two years ago, there are signs of hope and grief – and evidence that so much more needs to be done.

Volunteers who come to this city acquire some understanding of American history circa 19th century, as well lessons in failed 21st century domestic policy, while lending a hand in the enormous rebuilding process that daily confronts New Orleans residents.

On a recent Saturday morning, I accompanied a group of ACORN volunteers who gutted a small, one-story brick house in the Gentilly neighborhood. Fourteen were students from Elon University in North Carolina and a dozen were bloggers from all over the country who post and contribute to First Draft, a progressive blog, averaging 2,500 readers a day."

"Katrina survivors get extension of federal aid"

"Brooklyn high school students show the government how"

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