Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bill Richardson New Orleans Update

About a month ago, I wrote about discussing rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina with presidential candidate and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson. C-Span has since aired our brief conversation. The video is ten minutes of Richardson schmoozing with the Dartmouth College Democrats and Dartmouth's La Alianza Latina group in Hanover, NH after his town hall speech. (Note: That's a picture of the meeting, but not of me; I took the picture.)

I first appear with him at the 1:20 mark, where we talk NM burgers and I ask him about New Orleans. We were interrupted by the official thank you remarks, but appear again at 2:50 (C-Span cut out the remarks), when he answers my earlier question. As I said in my earlier post, he didn't disappoint me on the issue, but he didn't impress me, either.

I'd put it on YouTube and post the clip itself here, but I'm not sure how to do that, so visit this link if you're interested. It's available for either Real Player or Windows Media Player.

Update: Click on the above words "I wrote about" for details about and an analysis of Richardson's answer to my question. This post is just about adding the video link. H/T liberaltruthsayer. Also, I will be transcribing the conversation and adding it tonight. H/T peace voter.

Gov. Richardson with leaders of the Dartmouth College Democrats, Dartmouth for Richardson, and La Alianza Latina. Photo courtesy Adam Patinkin.

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Episcopalooza said...

"It took five days for Washington to approve sending the National Guard."

I'm speechless, but at least he was trying to do something.