Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pictures of New Orleans, March 2007

Here they are, as promised, Spring Break photos of New Orleans! Visit http://flickr.com/photos/7389644@N07/ to browse pictures of remaining damage (particularly in the Lower Ninth Ward), gutters in action, some progress, the Lower Ninth Ward memorial, a photo exhibit at the Louisiana State History Museum, and a relaxing day in the French Quarter. Please let me know (in the comment section) if there are any problems viewing the website - there should be 137 photos total. (Disclaimer: I did not take all of the pictures, and a few are even from other Dartmouth groups in New Orleans. Proper credit is given at Flickr.) Here are a few samples:

Notice the house on top of a house:



Habitat for Humanity's Musician's Village
My crew, relaxing in the French Quarter's Jackson Square

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the cajun said...

Thanks for your posts on what's not happening in NOLA. I really appreciate your work and efforts to bring attention to the continued struggle to rebuild.
I am a transplanted native with only a few ties to the city, but I relish them.
I hope you don't mind if I post a link to your site from mine regarding this post. People need to know.

Since you are a progressive, you might want to check out my "sister's" blog at www.telling-secrets.blogspot.com.
If you already know her, I am not surprised. If you don't, well, just ask Mad Priest.

God Bless