Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Local Sez: It Could Happen to You

Last year, I made a post on why we should help New Orleans, both culturally and politically. My reasons focused on the importance of service and the fact that no matter how hard they try, the citizens of the Gulf Coast cannot fix their region by themselves. Yesterday, responding on DailyKos to my post about Rep. Paul Hodes, Gulf Coast resident "lilorphant" explained a different reason to fix HUD, FEMA, and the Corps: next time, the disaster could be a blizzard, fire, or tornado, and it could be in your town.

"I live on the coast. Today was one of my not so great days; they seem to see-saw since the storm. When I hear of young people like yourself out there in NH of all places (I lived in Portsmouth as a kid for a few years) keeping up the heat, it helps. Some days it's as if the rest of the country just doesn't GET IT.

Next time, it could be YOUR town or city. Next time it could be the end of your livelihood, your home, your freedom (we lived under curfews for a YEAR). It could be the end of all the things that you have built your life on.

I have seen this thing through, rebuilt my home, and still...don't know what kind of future I can have here on the Coast.

The rebuilding is out of sheer will power, no thanks to the ineptitude of our leaders, government bureaucracy, predatory insurance practices, and the deaf ears of the Capital.

Why does Katrina matter to the rest of the country? They as soon would forget they lost cities and towns, a half-million homes, malls, hospitals, Wal-Marts, Winn-Dixies, Kmart shopping plazas, pharmacies, Casinos, shrimping fleets, (not simply boats, FLEETS mind you), yachts, schools, Churches, government buildings, condominiums, low income housing, century old plantation homes, museums, livestock, the largest shark tank in the US, several hundred thousand beloved pets, banks, bridges, and on and on.

They would soon forget the port of New Orleans, but without it, the rise in shipment cost for freight would leave their heads scratching. Ahah. One day they will remember this Atlantis. But then it will be late.

The protocols of the Homeland Security will have already be etched into policy, and free reign given to the corrupt and speculative.
I rebuilt out of spite. I was too stubborn to leave. It is not easy to stay "in spite of". I stay so far because dammit, I am a witness. Not a victim, not merely a survivor, a witness. To all this; the incompetence, the mounds of paperwork, the filing, standing in lines, the unanswered questions, the loss of everything I was proud of about the South, the corruption, the contracts, the contempt and the scorn they have shoved down our throats since August 29th (2005)."

by lilorphant on Mon Feb 19, 2007 at 09:02:03 PM PST

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