Saturday, February 17, 2007

International Flavor

A month ago today - Jan. 17 - I installed a site meter. Since then, I've had 649 readers from eleven countries visit my blog. Not only does allow me to see how many visitors I've had, I can also see where they're located and how they found the blog - i.e., what website they clicked here from. If you've favorited this blog or paste the URL into your browser, it says "unknown" referral, but I can tell when someone visits from Daily Kos or Google blog search, and in the case of the latter, what they were searching for.

Traffic has skyrocketed lately because I've started crossposting on Daily Kos, MyDD, and Democratic Underground whenever I make a political post. Political posts occassionally get Washington, DC readers from domains like and (staffers googling their boss?). I wish I'd thought to crosspost when I initially started this blog and was still in New Orleans. Ah, well, c'est la vie. In the meantime, one of the more interesting thing about the site meter is it's shown me this blog has some international flavor! I've had visitors from Uruguay, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, and Mexico, in addition to three readers in China and five in the UK. International readers tend to arrive here via Google blog search. For instance, Canada searched "new orleans tornadoes," the latest UK searched "primates meeting tanzania," and Germany took a look at blogs tagged "Obama".

No worries about privacy - I can't tell names, addresses, or other viewing habits of my visitors. But isn't learning even that much fun?

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