Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Good News from the Diocesan Office of Disaster Response

Most of my recent posts have been political – John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Senate hearings, the Road Home program, etc. That comes as no surprise to those who know me, but I would like to take a step back today and return to this blog's roots in my internship with the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana's Office of Disaster Response.

I received a wonderful letter in the mail last week from Sam, one of the other interns I served with. It contained an exciting update on the gutting program: "Last month (December) we regularly had 260 volunteers per day. I believe we gutted around 120 houses, give or take. We had college groups galore, individuals, parishes, and more. We are also steadily progressing on the rebuilding program, which hopefully will be up and going by March." 260 a day! 70 are a lot for a typical day, and I know this was Christmas break, but 260!!! WOW!!! That's almost enough to restore your faith in humanity! ;-)

On a lighter note, another one of the interns, a female, posted this note on Facebook: "Everyday I get dirty. Really dirty. Everyday I get covered in the black, yellow and polka-dotted mold which flourishes in houses throughout this damp city, resembling my grandma's bold, rose-patterned wallpaper as it crawls up the sheetrock. Most days, I throw my workpants in a pile in the corner of my room, but some days I throw my workpants directly into the washing machine with the obnoxious buzzer. Yesterday was one of those days. When a refrigerator has been sitting for 17 mos. and it vomits on my pants, it makes the immediate washing a necessity. Although it wasn't nearly as dirty as my pants, my cell phone went straight into the washer as well. It has soap bubbles on the inside. If you want to reach me, you'll have to put up the bat sign, or send a telegram." Man, that crew is great. Dem's good peoples.

If you're young but over 18, and this sounds exciting or interesting, please, consider interning with the Diocese! The last thing Katie Mears, who runs the gutting program, told me when I left in December was to try and find more long-term interns. They need it!

Photo: Katie Mears and then-intern now-staff Dan Krall gut a house

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