Wednesday, February 14, 2007

From ENS: Diocese of Louisiana responds to tornado damage

Sounds like the Bishop visited my old "colleagues." Best of luck to them...

Episcopal News Service
February 14, 2007

Diocese of Louisiana responds to tornado damage

By Ben Jenkins

Before dawn February 13 a tornado touched down in several parts of New Orleans and Jefferson Parishes, leaving a swath of destruction. When damage reports rolled in, Bishop Charles Jenkins and the clergy
mobilized to help those affected by the storm.

"The church was able to shift from hurricane relief work to help in a neighborhood where people had been hurt and had post traumatic stress syndrome. I think we provided an important presence," Jenkins said. "I was pleased with how the diocese was able to respond to the disaster."

Jenkins' first stop was the apartment for college interns with the
Office of Disaster Response's house gutting program. None of the eight interns was injured, but six windows were blown out of their house and two of their cars were smashed by felled telephone poles.

"All the young folks are OK but shaken pretty badly," Jenkins wrote inhis blog (

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(Sorry - please don't be mad at me for butting-in on your blog!) I did a random search to find your state. Would you please consider humoring this stranger and visiting a friend's blog to represent Louisiana? A quick comment with "Hi, from Louisiana" would really make her day! You can leave it anonymously if you'd like, and I promise this is not some weird spoof. (She was challenged to collect comments from all 50 states within the next week or so - Louisiana is one of the last few she needs to win $50.) Here's her blog:
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P.S. How husband's name is Ben Jenkins too - LOL!