Monday, January 22, 2007

Now Vs. Then Part 1 (with pictures!)

I believe I've mentioned before that one of the more visible signs of recovery in the Lower Ninth Ward is the clean-up of the neighborhood along the Industrial Canal, where two levees broke. As I wrote in the Spokesman Review, "When I visited in March, all that remained of the neighborhood was endless debris, empty foundations, and piles of ruined cars. Veterans of both Iraq and Bosnia say the Lower Ninth Ward was the most devastated place they’d ever seen. At some point during the summer, the area was cleaned up, and is now an empty field. That’s of little consolation to someone who now has front porch steps instead of their house, but to an objective observer, the cleanup is a remarkable and visible step." Here, then, are comparison pictures! I should have posted these a long time ago, but never did. My apologies. :( Anyways, the pictures from March were taken by Craig Parker, leader of the Dartmouth Navigators' trip to New Orleans. More recent photos were taken by yours truly (except the fourth one on this post; that was Bob Gustafson). This is just part 1 - I'll post five more pictures later, but Blogger's giving me a tough time right now and I don't want to deal with it anymore.


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Heathcare for Peace said...

Thanks for the pictures. I was there last spring 2006, nice to see that more debris is gone.