Thursday, January 11, 2007

An Applicable Arlo Guthrie Quote

I transcribed the following from a bootleg recording of Arlo Guthrie's August 21, 2005 concert at the Lyons, CO Folk Fest. I attended an Arlo concert a few weeks later where he said something very similar - he pauses between verses in "This Land is Your Land" to say it.

“A lot of times at these musical events, with people playing all the kind of good music, you get these peace and love types that come out to these events. I know; I used to be one. Then one day recently I was thinking about it, and I said to myself, Arlo, what’s so good about that peace stuff anyhow? You know, if the whole world was peaced out and everybody was getting along, not only that, nobody was even sick or nothing, everybody felt pretty good, not only that, everybody had stuff to eat, nobody was hungry or nothing anywhere? In a world like that, you would have to go a hell of a long way out of your way to make a positive contribution! But in a world that sucks, like this one, you don’t have to do very much at all! There’s never been a time in the history of the world when you could do so little and have it mean so much to so many people! This might be the world we’ve been asking for all along!”

Arlo's words are very applicable to New Orleans - the love and gratitude you recieve from the people there for doing so little - giving them free crackers and hugs - is amazing. Things down there are just that bad.

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