Saturday, December 30, 2006

Spokesman Review Part 1

My first story on Katrina recovery appeared in the Spokane, WA Spokesman-Review Idaho Edition today. It's the cover article for the Saturday local magazine section, "Handle Extra." Lots of pictures in the paper, though only text online. I'll have another one next Saturday. You need a account to read them online, but such accounts are free - or, if you like, I can e-mail you the text. I don't want to post it here; it's too long for a blog post.

One slight correction for the print version. There's an error in the last sentence of the photo caption on Page 7, upper right hand corner. It reads, "Piles of debris were supposed to be hauled away by the Corps of Engineers but often the piles sat for months." The problem: the Corps has never, to my knowledge, taken "months" to haul away piles of debris. A week or two way back when, and a day or two now, but never "months." 'Twas probably a communication error between me and the guy who handled the photos, likely my fault, that caused that error.

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