Tuesday, December 05, 2006

More on Common Ground

Scott Crow, one of the two Common Ground co-founders, found my lonely island blog (how's that for an ego boost?) and left a comment on my recent post about Common Ground. I figured I'd put it up front so you could see it, since he's elaborating a bit on part of my post:

"hey i thought you might be interested in this article which covers the events that lead to forming common ground.
thanks for the mentions, i just wanted to clarify.
at our height when NO ONE was on the ground we had 5,000 volunteers a week.
we risked our lives especially in the early days (literally) as i was almost shot by white vigilantes and the policedue to our politics of self determinationfor the communities. this is why the state brought us under investigation.
anyway thanks for your good work and good luck.
scott crow
co-founder of common ground"

Three thoughts on Mr. Crow's comments:
1) There are two sides to every story, and I imagine the FBI and ATF might say he's under investigation for different reasons - but I'm not going to spend any time digging around for further articles on the subject. You can if you wish.
2) 5,000 volunteers seems a little high, but given what I've seen/heard about CG, I'm willing to believe it. But while CG might have had more volunteers on the ground than anyone else, he's wrong to say "NO ONE" else was around whatsoever; I'm familiar with several church groups that started rolling here immediately after the storm - there are numerous clergy members who used their clergy credentials to get in through military checkpoints.
3) Perhaps white vigilantes were the vigilantes who shot at Mr. Crow, but they weren't the only vigilantes in the area shooting at people. Violence does not know race boundaries.

But any little quibbles aside, this city is very lucky Crow and Malik Rahim founded Common Ground. Like many other organizations, it's done some amazing relief and recovery work. The ninth ward, Algiers, and other parts of the city wouldn't be where they are today without CG.

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