Thursday, November 09, 2006

Warehouse (with pictures!)

Here are a few pictures from our warehouse. They didn't come out too well - I had to play around with the brightness, and they're still pretty fuzzy.

We store many of our supplies at a warehouse in the upper ninth. It's a big complex - there's a cabinet store, a wholesale store and its storage, storage for parade float-pulling tractors, loading bays, etc. We rent one lane at the edge of the warehouse to keep our toilet paper, paper towels, water, bleach, t-shirts, toys, blankets, tea, and other stuff for the lower ninth, as well as gutting wheelbarrows (most other gutting tools are at St. Paul's), hospital mattresses and cots for our volunteers, and some other random odds and ends.
I'm in charge of arranging/supervising the supplies and the daily loading this month - I'm warehouse guy. Usually, Deacon Mike runs the warehouse end of things, but he's in Alabama for the month of November. We're almost out of paper goods and bleach, and he'll come back to help put away the new shipment of all that when it comes in. When he's here, he loves his forklift! It's the worst case of boys and their toys I've ever seen! If there's a job two people can do by hand for five minutes, Mike would rather take ten to do it with the forklift - he'd rather move an empty pallet ten feet than let someone carry it! It's hilarious!

Mike's actually in this last picture, too, but you can't really tell. Look up, though - you can see the forklift arm putting stuff up above.
One other thing we have in warehouse is the belongings of a homeowner who's house we gutted. She's decided not to return to the area, so we need to finish going through her documents and belongings to see what's relevant and usable - we'll mail that to her in time and junk the rest. I had some pictures of the outside of the warehouse and of our Penske truck all loaded with supplies, but for whatever reason, they didn't develop - and they should have been all bright and sunny, too! Phoo.

I'll be working part of tomorrow at the warehouse, rearranging water pallets and other supplies. Of course, that all depends on if I can get out of the driveway - Brad Pitt is filming a movie on my street tomorrow. All parking on the street has been banned, so I don't know about actual driving. I have more pictures to post, too - some of St. Paul's (a beautiful sanctuary), but they came out even darker. I've got some of our operation in the lower ninth, and a few of the city and the remaining devastation. None of me yet, but I'd probably break the camera anyway! :-P

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