Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pictures of Our Outfit

This week certainly had its low points. Had my first fender-bender, for which I blame Brad Pitt. I've yet to find out what the ticket and car repairs will cost me - hopefully not too much, but we shall see. Had way too many volunteers with us a few days this week, so things got chaotic - I like to run this respite unit with maybe 7 people, not 25. Especially when half those 25 were with us the day before, and so know what they're doing, and attempt to tell the other half how to do things, often in contradiction to the instructions Quinn or I are giving. Ug. But, live and learn; I'll just add to our future orientations.

Yet despite those downsides, I'd call it a good week. Dems won House, Dems won Senate, Dems won every possible thing they could win in New Hampshire, Dems increased their seats in the Idaho legislature, and Rumsfeld quit. Huzzah! My friends Bob and Marty are coming from Idaho later today; I'm picking them up from the airport in about 45 minutes. And, a great team of volunteers from Texas took all us interns out to a nice dinner at Pascal's Manale, a classic and fancy New Orleans resteraunt. I had a great discussion with two of the volunteers, including the rector of League City, Texas who talked to me about discernment.

Working in the warehouse yesterday for a couple hours, I thought to myself that an apt job description for what I do is Pointy-Haired-Boss meets manual labor. In any event, here are some pictures of our lower ninth operation. Pictures of devestation to come, y'know, whenever. This first picture is of the medical RV that sets up with us in the Walgreen's parking lot twice a week.

Our intersection also has a Long John's Silver, a minimart, a KFC, and a Popeye's, all abandoned, of course. You can see the Popeye's in the background, behind our sign.

That's Quinn with the white cap in the middle of the picture. The volunteers are from TX, NC, and maybe elsewhere.

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