Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Photos From Bob

Bob and Marty are here from my church in Idaho, and Bob's taken some photos. I'll write soon about driving to Mississippi and about the array of people I'v emet here, but for now, some of Bob's pictures:

The guy in the middle saw Bob's camera, and just about squealed "Oooo! Take a picture of meee!!!" and started dancing around. Silly goose. You can see me off to the side in the shadow against the RV with my U.S. Army cap and Phillipians 4:13 shirt on.

Our tent. Me on the left. That's Jane in the straw hat and yellow shirt. She's from London by way of Missouri, and drives the RV twice a week. Wonderful volunteer, lovely lady. Her husband is the Diocesan chaplain, Ben Helmer. I told you about him; he's a friend of my Idaho rector's.

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