Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In Which it Continues to be a Small World

Brief political word before I get to my regular New Orleans musings: As you can imagine, I’m euphoric right now. The Democrats have taken the House and the Senate, and Donald Rumsfeld has resigned – I can’t imagine a rosier picture for the country right now. And I’m chuckling at the latest episode of HotlineTV, one of my favorite analyst sources – the episode was shot at 10AM today, and the hosts had been up for around 30 hours. BUT, on a New Orleans note: Karen Carter earned 21% in her Congressional election, and Rep. Bill money-in-the-freezer Jefferson won 30%. There will be a runoff election, which Carter is likely to win. I watched election results at the Karen Carter victory party at a downtown hotel ballroom, which was a lot of fun! Also, I’ve almost used up my disposable camera, and will probably take it to Rite Aid tomorrow afternoon to be developed. So pictures in the next day or two. Now, on to today’s blog:

Remember my earlier post about how small a world it is? Well, it continues to shrink!

5. Today, we had a group of volunteers from Denver. Turns out their rector was Father Henry’s immediate predecessor at St. Thomas, my NH church!

6. Similarly, Bishop Cederholm, who visited us from Massachusetts, used to be the rector in White River Junction, VT, about 15 minutes (or less) from Hanover, NH.

7. One of the bishops’ wives who came was Mrs. High, whose husband Rayford is Suffragan Bishops in the Diocese of Texas. She was also at Dena Harrison’s consecration (Bishop Harrison being my old rector). She knew all the people I miss from my days at St. James – my assistant rector/role model there, my old Sunday school teacher, my parents’ friends the Kennards, everyone!

8. That same day we had a lady named Linda who is, I believe, a deacon in formation, and who is working as a chaplain at a Houston hospital – so she also knows my asst. rector/role model!

9. One day, I was driving with Deacon Mike to Gonzalez, LA to pick up about 60 donated mattresses. He asked me what part of ID I’m from, and when I told him, he said, “Oh! So you must know Heather Voss pretty well!” Heather Voss is a priest in Illinois now, but used to attend my church in ID – St. Luke’s sponsored her through the process, and she was the popular youth director right before we arrived.

10. I have a new friend here, Jenny. Jenny and I have a mutual friend, a girl named Donna who is now in Alabama. Donna and I attended St. Luke’s together, as well as the same Jr/Sr high school. Our mothers were both in EFM, and her dad helped lead our youth group for a time. In Florida, Jenny and Donna went to elementary school together and attended the same church, as well!

11. In my last small world post, I mentioned Father Ben, the Diocesan Chaplain. Well, about a month ago, we had two volunteers from Kansas who knew Father Ben and his wife, perennial and wonderful volunteer Jane, quite well - he was their old rector, and they had no clue they would be bumping into him while volunteering with us!

12. One of these days I’ll have to tell you about Common Ground Relief. I stopped by their lower ninth ward distribution center once to hear about what all they do. The fellow who talked to me, Alexi or something like that, went to high school with Emily, one of our gutting staff.

Sometimes, this world’s tiny size seems scary, but other times it can be quite comforting!

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