Thursday, October 12, 2006


Two quick updates and a theological rumination tonight. Update #1: I’ve started driving around the city. So far, I’ve been driving a green ‘98 Ford Explorer, donated to us by a church in DC, with Deacon Quinn in the passenger seat so I can get used to city roads. I’ve driven alone a time or two, as well, and Quinn is going to get me my own Diocesan ride, perhaps as early as tomorrow – so, I have wheels! Update #2: Each year, the bishops’ spouses go on a mission trip, and have chosen New Orleans for 2006. Some are gutting, and some, including the Bishop of Idaho’s wife, are with us in the lower ninth (no, Gloria isn’t here, sadly). I drove a couple of them around this afternoon. They’re very lovely people, lending credibility to that old adage that behind every strong man is a stronger woman.

I will keep my promise and post blogs soon about city conditions, the people I’m meeting, and maybe the warehouse, but tonight, I want to take a brief theological rabbit trail first. Please indulge me! :-P

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