Saturday, October 14, 2006

Remind me again - who is the church?

A friend of mine from Idaho sent me this poem in response to my earlier post, "We are the Church." My friend, Bob, is the Outreach Coordinator for the Diocese of Spokane, and starts almost every meeting he attends with this prayer.

Prayer for Witness

We have been the church gathered.
We now become the church scattered.
Remember: Wherever you go, Christ goes.
Whatever you do, Christ does.
If someone asks you what the church is like tell them,"I am what the church is like."
If someone asks you what the church does, tell them,"My church does what I do."
Remember, you may well be the only authentic contact someone has with Jesus Christ because they will not come to church but you can bring the church to them.

(A benediction often used by the Rev. Dick Halverson, former chaplain to the U. S. Senate)

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