Tuesday, October 24, 2006

City Three: This Time, it's Personal

I had intended to post tonight about the people we help in the lower ninth, in particular their gratitude, but a few more tidbits about the city's pace of recovery have occurred to me that I want to share.

-Good News: Voodoo Fest is coming back! Yeah, don't worry, I'd never heard of it either, but apparently it's a pretty big thing around here. It's an annual concert held in City Park each year, but last year's was canceled. This year's festivities will feature Duran Duran, Shooter Jennings (Waylon and Jessi's kid), and a host of famous bands I don't listen to (not that I listen to Duran Duran, either). On a similar note, the city's fairgrounds (horse racing track) are also reopening.

-Bad News: The AP reports today that white residents are three times more likely to get everything they need from their insurance companies than black residents.

-Bad News: There's no recycling around here. No curbside pickup, no bins at schools, nothing. It drives me nuts to throw away my newspapers and aluminum cans each day, but I have no choice. Fortunately, a regular volunteer of ours who lives in Baton Rouge takes all our cardboard boxes with her when she drives home, but that's small consolation for an ardent environmentalist like me. Brad Pitt is trying hard to convince people to rebuild green, but the environment just isn't a top priority around here. I can understand why, but quite frankly, global warming is one reason Katrina was so strong in the first place, and we should do everything we can across the country to fight it.

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