Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Neighborhood

So here I sit, back in the coffeeshop Sunday afternoon. They sell the New York Times here, and I needed to get out of the house. I wasn't feeling up to church this morning - health problems persist, though hopefully they'll be all taken care of by Wednesday - so I stayed at home. (There is a service at 6, probably sans choir, and I might try to go to that.) Unfortunately, home is the Parish House; my room is right next door to the church nursery, and after church coffee hour is held downstairs. I stayed holed up in my room from the time I got up (those noisy little kids!) 'till around 2pm. I just wasn't up to meeting large crowds of people. Fortunately, I saw this coming, and brought breakfast upstairs last night. :-) I've spent my morning reading yesterday's New York Times and watching "Face the Nation" and "Meet the Press" online. I love Senate politics!

Anyways, I finally got out and saw the neighborhood last night. I stayed at home all day again, and by about 6:15 was feeling utterly worthless, unproductive, and restless. So I went for a walk! I headed down the street, and wound up at the Mississippi Rive fairly quickly, so I walked along top of a levee for awhile, watching boats and trains and bikes, then came back. It's a nice enough neighborhood, I suppose. It's mostly residential, but there are plenty of restaurants, and fortunately a Super Cuts. The homes are all typical New Orleans architecture like you see in the movies, even though this isn't the French Quarter, and the area is very shady, except for a few yucky parking lots. Most businesses in this part of town are open, though a few are still closed and the Methodist Church only reopened last week; areas along the river like this weren't very hard hit.When I got back, I talked to my birthmom for about two hours. Hopefully I'll be able to see her and my friend Jon in about two weeks, and my birthdad a few weeks after that. A couple friends from church are also giving seriously consideration to coming and volunteering for a bit, which would be wonderful - this all gives me something to look forward to, and helps break up the monotony of isolation. Whoopee!

Once I start working and gutting, when this health stuff is cleared up, I hope this blog can take a slightly more serious tone - I can start telling you what I'm seeing, how the people are, things like that. Keep your fingers crossed!

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